Peppermint Village Store needs volunteers

peppermint  The Peppermint Village Holiday Store will be next week, December 5th-8th. This is a place where children can buy inexpensive items for the people on their holiday shopping list. Adult volunteers help the kids make their purchases and bag the items. We need many volunteers for a successful store!! Please sign up if you can. Your help is greatly appreciated!

apple-borders-for-teachers-dana-teacherlabel-heartapple-500px  PTO will be catering an appreciation luncheon for the teachers and staff on Tuesday, December 13th.  We are asking for donations of homemade or store bought desserts to complete the meal.  Donated items will need to be delivered to the school no later than 10:00 that Tuesday morning.

We would also like to have parents volunteer to work lunch duty so that our teachers and staff can eat lunch together.  This entails walking around the cafeteria and monitoring students during their lunch time and helping them open items as needed.

yearbook Yearbooks are on sale for $30 until Dec. 31st at After the 31st, the price will increase to $35. Yearbook dedications/ads can also be designed at the Balfour website. This year the yearbook will include QR codes. These QR codes will link to videos of the grade level programs.

Submit photos to the yearbook! Visit to upload from your computer. Use project number 718770 and password Kaufman.  You can also search for the “Balfour Image Share” app in your app marketplace to share pictures from your phone.

boxtopclip  Several classes are close to the mark.  Keep sending in Box Tops.  Make sure to grab Box Tops from relatives during the holidays. When you are at school check out the Box Tops poster board in the cafeteria to see how your class is doing.

Next submission dates:

Monday, December 12, 2016
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Friday, February 10, 2017

Thank you for the UPS Store Rayford Road for mailing in our Box Tops for free.  Thanks to Michele Blair, Estera Kryshu, Jennifer Wiggins, Sarah Mabile, and Bianca Campos for helping clip, sort and count.  If anyone else is interested in helping with the Box Tops Clip and Count Club, please contact Kimberly Holmes, Kaufman Box Tops Coordinator at [email protected]

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